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The story starts
(and ends) with wine!

Like any real wine lover, our founder had an insatiable craving. (You know, the type of craving that takes over your every thought until it's satisfied.)
For wine! Lots and lots of wine! The only problem was, she just went back to work post-Covid and needed to start practicing safe sipping. That's
right, no more wine o'clock at noon! However, none of the corks would fit back into her bottles. If they did they never fit back in the fridge
the right way. Laying it on its side proved to be a real... you guessed it.. DRIP!

She knew there had to be a better solution!

She could either A. Keep fighting with the corks. B.find a more FUN-ctional solution. Known as the Queen of problem-solving, she went with the
latter and developed a SIN-fully smart condom... for her wine bottle that soon birthed the name Winedoms And guess what? It was practically
magic. No more spills. The bottles fit back in the fridge standing up or laying on its side. And the best part was the wine lasted up to 10 days

Fast forward a few months and we are a team of winos making your wine experiences better for you. Cheers!

We make Winedoms® and other FUN-ctional versions of your favorite wine items. Without the headache of losing one drop of delicious wine. They work so well, you won't miss a thing (until you run out of wine of course).

  • 100% Food Grade Latex

  • Hilarious Instructions

  • SIN-fully Smart Technology

  • Preserves the longevity of wine

  • Fun Gift

  • Washable

  • Reusable

100% wine-isfaction

All Our products are backed by an 30 days satisfaction guarantee.

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